Who are we

The Tudwick Foundation is a grant-giving body founded in 2019 by members of the Bennett family. The foundation is named after Tudwick Road in Tiptree, where the founding trustees spent their childhood.

The foundation strives to provide financial support to communities and charitable organisations in Essex and Suffolk, principally by direct contributions to small organisations for specific and well-defined projects. ​

Our Priorities

Funding will be prioritised for community projects where the most number of people will benefit, mainly voluntary organisations and community groups that are addressing unmet social needs. ​Applications with different objectives will be considered by the Trustees. 

Advancement of education

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Preservation and protection of physical & mental health

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Relief of poverty and sickness

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"After retiring from a successful city business, I was moved to give something back to our community, and with my children, decided to create this charity, which we chose to call The Tudwick Foundation.

Tudwick was the place name of our family home in Tiptree which rubbed shoulders with the fruitful bounty of Wilkins orchards. This famous company has always strived and exceptionally succeeded to serve the community. It has been an inspiration in the creation of our foundation."

Colin Bennett

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Grant Allocation Since Inception