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Harwich Litter Pickers hauled 70 bags of rubbish using new equipment purchased with TTF funding

"Thank you so much for your generous grant to Harwich Litter Pickers. We used our equipment for the first time today and it was a tremendous help." - Harwich Litter Pickers

"I was blown away today. 22 Harwich Litter Pickers turned up. We hauled 70 bags of rubbish plus 7 tyres, a TV, 3 chairs, 2 bikes and lots of other stuff. We worked along Squat Lane, which is the lane running behind The Harwuch School, down to Low Road and up to Allfields. We also tackled Allfields pond and the surround nature area including the land behind the fire. station. It was all completed in an hour and a half. We have been very fortunate in being awarded a grant from The Tudwick Foundation, with which we bought two fantastic trollies, some rings, Litter Pickers and bungee cords. This equipment was invaluable and make our task that much easier. We were also loaned some Litter Pickers from CVST in Dovercourt as we are running low on these, a couple usually get broken on each pick." - Toni Smith, Harwich Litter Pickers

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